Matt Alderson

Awesome team! A friend of mine referred me to them even though he knew I had several real estate friends and I was likely going to use someone I already knew. I told him that I didn’t see any reason to meet with them and didn’t want to waste their time. He told me to trust him and to meet with them and then make my decision.

WOW! No disrespect to any of my real estate friends, but Dale and Stephanie wowed me! Their knowledge of the area was impressive. In fact, when I went out to look at homes, Dale didn’t even need a map service to find the homes…he just knew the area by memory (we went to several homes throughout Vancouver). Dale and Stephanie had a game plan for me and were very organized.

They were both so friendly and welcoming (along with their knowledge of the market) that it made my decision and easy one to use them over my other options.

I have my house now and it was a smooth process. Thank you again for all your help!